"Where Did You Guys Go?"

The fall here in the Midwestern United States brings a lot of change; temperatures drop, leaves change colors, backpack manufacturing processes get evaluated...wait, what?

As the demand for our backpacks have gone up, we ran into some bottlenecks with our ability to deliver our product in a timely manner. Starting this past fall, we've had to stop taking orders (which we hate), but it will allow us to come back with better turn-around for our products without sacrificing quality, which means happier customers (which we love)!

We're excited to partner with SeWest Michigan to help solve that problem. With our new partnership we will be able to deliver the same top-quality product that you've come to know us for but with a quicker turn-around time!

What else do we love about SeWest Michigan? Their desire to use their business for good. After just a few seconds on their website (www.sewestmichigan.com), you quickly grasp that there's more to them than just capital gain. Our backpacks are instrumental in SeWest Michigan's mission to teach industrial sewing to those who are in need of new skills for employment.

Quality products meeting customer needs while serving a greater good. What else could you ask for?

Glad you asked! We're also harnessing a new technology in the sewing world that will allow us to offer more selection of fabric patterns so you can find just the right print for your child's backpack and accessories.


Wow guys, anything you're not changing?

Yep. We'll still be offering the same three backpack styles, with internal fasteners and Velcro straps for all types of pumps, bags and bottles. We'll also be bringing back the Button Cuddlers and Line Tamers in matching patterns to go with your backpacks.

Probably the most important thing that we won't be changing is our dedication to our community of customers. Without you, we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we love.


Until next time, cheers!

The Feeding Essentials Team